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If you want to easily make money online, getting traffic (visitors) is an important area that you need to control. Imagine you would have an all-singing all-dance site, a unique product, but no one would see your site … Clearly you’ll be doing a hot squat!

However, if you can drive hundreds and then thousands to your site every day, you can contribute to the highest online income, quit your job, and get a much better income by working just a few hours a day, days, or less. In fact, top executives receive a 6-digit income for the slot  MONTH!

There are 2 options, paid traffic and free traffic. No doubt, you may think that free traffic should be the logical way! However, running for free often requires patience and most people want to make money online fast!

Let’s look at both in more detail. (Note. My free ebook deals in great detail with all the areas I mentioned in this article).

First paid traffic: This includes things like pay-per-click campaigns that many search engines can do. For example, sign in to Google or MSN or Yahoo and enter “flat stomach” in the search box, for example. You’ll find lots of information on how to get a flat stomach, and there are small ads on the right side of the page. This is true for website owners who sell items related to “flat abs”. Every time someone clicks on their ad, they pay a search engine fee. You get good results because we call traffic “highly targeted.” In other words, you not only get older visitors, but you get a visitor who specifically looks for what you are selling, so they have a better chance of buying.

Paid traffic also includes visitors to online ads, ezine ads (online publications), paid emails, and more.

Free traffic includes the following: articles, forums and traffic pages. If you can write about a topic you know well, this can be a great way to generate traffic. If you have already written an article that will include a link to what you are promoting, you can publish it online. Your article can then be copied to any number of website owners and online publications. Imagine the power to copy your article to an online magazine that reaches thousands of subscribers every week! Or imagine that a favorite site publishes your article on its site. All their visitors will then see your article and the link you are selling will be followed by sharing. Forums can reach a wide audience, but they may not be for everyone. My space is an example of a very popular forum site. You must use this site properly for good results. In other words, you need to be fully involved in the online community, it’s not good to involve your site because people will see you right away.

Traffic pages are sites where you can generate traffic to your site by spending time browsing other people’s pages. It can be effective, but it can also last. There is software that can help a lot here (see my ebook). You can also create descending lines that have many of these traffic programs, and this will allow you to create an avalanche of traffic.

The best way to generate a lot of free traffic in the long run is, in my opinion, through so-called SEO (search engine optimization). Here you will create a search engine friendly website and a specialist for the whole website. I just got a free e-book on my site because it’s so complicated to cover it here. The result of good SEO on your site is that you rank high in the search engines in the long run (usually several months), which means you get a lot of free traffic.

For example, if you’re looking for everything, say, MSN or Google – for example, say you’re looking for a “flat stomach,” search results appear on the page and the page is at the top. of course, a website that many people click on. Pages on page 4 or page 12, and so on, are unlikely to receive many clicks. A person who is their number one site will get a lot of free traffic, simply because they take the time to do good SEO on their site. SEO includes what you do on your site, as well as so-called “off-page optimization.” These are basically links and the more quality sites link to you, the better. There are several clever ways to accomplish this, all of which are described in my book.