How to Get Started on Instagram

If you want to become a successful Instagram user, you will need to understand its unique features. Learn about the Direct messaging system, the Take a break feature, and searching for people to follow. Then, you can start posting your own images, videos, and stories. You can even upload photos from your smartphone. After you understand these features, you’ll be able to utilize the platform more effectively. Here’s how to get started.

Take a break feature

The Take a Break feature in Instagram lets users opt to receive pop-up messages when they’ve spent a certain amount of time on a topic. You can choose to receive the reminders after 10, 20, or 30 minutes of active use. You can also choose to turn off the feature, which automatically reminds you to take a break. It may be a good idea to set up a reminder for yourself to take a break, or to take a break altogether.

Direct messaging system

If you’re wondering what is different about the Instagram direct messaging system, the first thing to remember is that it is similar to text messaging. You can send photos directly from Instagram, and comments will be stored in a thread. This makes it much less confusing to send and receive messages. The new features of the system include the ability to suggest hashtags, location pages, and accounts. All of this makes it easier to communicate and organize your friends’ lives through Instagram.


Story sharing on Instagram can be a great way to spread your brand’s message to your target audience. While it can be tempting to post several seven-sequence stories on a daily basis, if you want to keep your audience interested you must plan ahead and create recurring content. You can also tease your content ahead of time by using stickers and hashtag. As you create more stories, you’ll find that your content gets better exposure.

Searching for people to follow

One of the easiest ways to find new Instagram accounts to follow is by searching for the names of users you already follow. If they have no usernames, you can search for their account name in the “search” field. You can then tap on a post from that account and tap “follow” to follow it. Or, you can use the “Followed by” feature to find people who are following someone else’s account.

Creating a persona on Instagram

To create a successful Instagram persona, you must first determine your target audience. You can do this by creating a profile of your ideal customer. Document all the information about your ideal customer, such as their interests, age, and lifestyle. Alternatively, you can study the demographics of your existing audience. For example, you can find out what ratios they follow, or what type of content they’re interested in.